About Us

Evergreen Genealogy is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 2010 to promote good practices to help family historians maintain and keep their Family History Research up-to-date. We refer to this practice as maintaining an Evergreen project. In 2017, with the widespread acceptance of inexpensive DNA testing, we added support for this helpful Genetic Genealogy resource under our Evergreen umbrella.

Understanding What it Means to be “Evergreen”

Our Organization is a strong advocate of a philosophy that promotes sharing, preserving and keeping your family history data protected against loss. We also encourage Family Researchers to keep their Family and Genetic Genealogy Data as current and accurate as practical. This is a process that we refer to as maintaining an Evergreen project. It indeed can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing life events that you want to be kept track of in your family history data. Also, over time you will receive additional DNA matches that you will want to add to your DNA Tree to keep it current.

Reliably backing up your research files is an important step in this process. Each time you download or add new information you create a “Snapshot in Time.” With a reliable backup, you can incrementally add new results to your baseline database that includes newer corrections and changes from your research that will keep your Family History Research “Evergreen.”

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