DNA Mega-Cluster Method

The Mega-Cluster Method allows users to create a consolidated view of the results of their DNA genetic testing and traditional Family History research. Following this procedure can help users organize their DNA test results into a database of DNA match results. The Mega-Cluster Method also can help validate facts and family lore in traditional Family Trees.

Your genetic pedigree contains only a few of the DNA segments that you have inherited from your ancestors. The size of these DNA segments grows smaller with each earlier generation. An autosomal DNA test can help you discover matches with your 3rd to 6th cousins. You will also be able to discover new unexpected family relationships with some of your distant cousins who also have had their DNA tested.

The  test results that you download from one or more DNA testing companies are stored in a database of DNA matches that is organized to help you reveal DNA cluster relationships. We refer to these matches as  DNA Mega-Clusters©.  Rather than displaying limited sets of cluster segment results as bands of color or triangulation bar displays, the Mega-Cluster results can be visualized in a color-coded numerical data table showing more details about the matches. There is no limit on the number of matches that you can include in a triangulated Mega-Cluster. Our analytical analysis method can help you reliably identify unknown cousins that can help reveal your common Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA .)

We welcome your comments, suggestions and corrections to help us make this a more helpful procedure to assist Family Historians and Genetic Genealogists with their research.

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